STARTALK Arabic Academy for Teachers

The information below relates to our Summer 2019 STARTALK Arabic Academy. We hope to offer a similar program in Summer 2020. Check back in February for updates!

Online: June 1–20
On-site Workshop: June 22–28
Online: July 7–12

The Penn State STARTALK Arabic Academy for Teachers at University Park is a federally funded professional development program for current and prospective teachers of Arabic in middle school, high school, and college and university environments. Participants will earn 2 to 3 college credits for completing the program.

This STARTALK Arabic Academy for Teachers is open to:

  • Arabic teachers seeking to expand their awareness of current teaching methods
  • graduate students planning careers that will include teaching Arabic
  • teachers of other subjects who are preparing to offer Arabic classes

The program is integrated with Penn State’s successful STARTALK student program in basic Arabic, and can provide participants with hands-on opportunities to observe and participate in instruction, and to learn and practice innovative teaching methodologies, with a focus on staying in the target language.

The STARTALK Arabic Academy for Teachers is structured in three parts:

  • an initial three-week online component — June 1–20 (approximately 20 hours of instructional time)
  • a seven-day on-site workshop — June 22–28 (approximately 54 hours of instructional time)
  • a follow-up two-week online component — July 7–12 (approximately 7 hours of instructional time)

During the on-site component, participants will attend daily sessions on the program’s core topics, along with class observation and micro-teaching in the Penn State STARTALK student program.

Curriculum Goals

  • review and discuss the National Standards, both overall and as they pertain to Arabic in particular
  • prepare you to develop and implement strategies for remaining in the target language throughout class sessions, and gain confidence to experiment and innovate in your classroom in this regard
  • expand your understanding of curriculum design and continuous assessment as integrated into the student learning process
  • enable you to effectively integrate technology into your classroom
  • expand your awareness of online and other professional resources available, including the resources available through STARTALK

Registration, Fees, and Related Costs

Participants in the STARTALK Arabic Academy for Teachers will register for 2 Penn State college credits. Tuition and fees for these 2 credits will be paid by the academy. In addition, participants have the option to earn a third credit, not paid for by the academy, by completing an individual project during and after the on-site component. The scope of the project will be determined with participants individually after their arrival on campus. Please refer to the tuition schedule to determine the cost of that third credit.

For the duration of the residential workshop, overnight accommodations and partial cost of meals will be provided and paid by the academy. We anticipate that accommodations will be in a hotel located within walking distance to the workshop location on campus. Classroom materials will also be provided.

Other expenses, such as transportation and incidentals, will be the responsibility of each participant.

Application Process

The application form should be submitted through electronic or paper mail to the address on the form, together with:

  • a one- to two-page statement of interest
  • a current curriculum vitae
  • a letter of recommendation from a department head, school administrator, language coordinator, or individual with a similar role

Questions about the program or the application process should be directed to:

Elena Galinova
Phone: 814-867-1665

NOTE: The Adobe PDFs uploaded on this page have not been modified and are in the format as received. Please email if you need these documents in an alternate format.