STARTALK Arabic Academy for Teachers

No Summer 2022 Program

The STARTALK Arabic Academy will not be offered in summer 2022.

Penn State’s STARTALK Arabic Academy for Teachers is a virtual professional development program that admits six current and prospective teachers of Arabic at middle school, high school, and post-secondary levels. Teachers who are admitted to the program will receive a summer stipend for team-teaching Arabic under supervision at Penn State. Penn State graduate credit is available, and for eligible teachers, the practicum may contribute toward acquiring or maintaining certification. Teachers will focus on developing their effectiveness in planning, designing, and delivering instruction in novice-level Arabic in the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes of communication as well as on assessing students’ language growth.

By the end of this program, participants will have demonstrated their abilities to plan, design, and successfully deliver instructional activities in which novice-level students are engaged in communication almost entirely in Arabic; teachers will also have planned for subsequent use of their STARTALK learning.

Program Components

  1. Online Preparation (June 7–18) — two weeks of preparation online (estimated 40 hours instructional time)
  2. Four-week Practicum (June 21–July 16) — participants will teach Penn State’s Arabic 001 course for 20 high school and college students participating in our connected STARTALK Academy for Students program (estimated 86 hours in practicum and 28 hours instructional time)
  3. Post-Practicum Activities (Fall 2021–early spring 2022) — post-practicum activities, including four webinars (estimated 6 hours) and available additional phone/video mentoring, to support participants who are implementing their STARTALK learning in classrooms at their home institutions during the academic year.


Download and complete the STARTALK Arabic Academy for Teachers application form (PDF).


Questions about the program should be directed to:

Dr. Elena Galinova
Academic Director of the Language Institute at Penn State
401 Burrowes Building
Phone: 814-867-1665