Penn State Students

The Summer Language Institute at Penn State University Park is a great way to explore a language that may not be offered at your home campus, or continue with advanced courses in a language that you have already begun studying.

Students Planning to Change Campus to University Park for Their Junior Year

The Language Institute is a great way to get a head start on a language minor or complete the language requirement for the bachelor of arts degree over the summer. In addition, beginning the transition to University Park in the summer can make it easier to get acclimated to the new campus. With classes that meet daily in small groups and a variety of activities out of the classroom, the Language Institute provides an ideal setting for making friends with students who share your interests in a foreign language and culture. As a new change-of-location student enrolled in a Language Institute course, you can also be matched with a student mentor, who will do his or her best to help you get a good start at University Park.

Students Planning to Complete Their Education at Their Home Campus

Many students studying at Penn State campuses enjoy the opportunity to visit the University Park campus for the summer. Maybe you would like the chance to explore a language that is not offered at your home campus, or maybe you just prefer to complete the bachelor of arts language requirement over the summer. The small classes and intensive format of the Language Institute provide an ideal setting to delve into a new language and culture. As a visiting summer student, you can also be matched with a University Park student mentor, who can help you get the most out of your University Park experience.

Earn a University Park Foreign Language Minor

Did you know that it is possible for students enrolled at any Penn State campus to earn a University Park foreign language minor? The requirements for the Spanish minor, for example, can now be completed entirely through summer course work at University Park, making the minor accessible to students enrolled at Penn State campuses. Minors in Chinese and Japanese can also be completed by students at Penn State campuses through a combination of University Park summer courses (now including 400-level courses in Chinese and Japanese) and education abroad. With the new Chinese through Film and Chinese Written Characters (CHNS 410 and 411) now offered in the Maymester, Education Abroad may not even be necessary for a Commonwealth student to complete the Chinese minor!

Please plan your University Park foreign language minor carefully and make sure to consult with a University Park adviser beforehand. If you need help working out the requirements of a University Park foreign language minor, check out the information on the Language Minors page.