High School and Homeschool Students

If you are a high school or homeschooled student, we invite you to apply to our summer Language Institute program. Students who have attended our previous Language Institute have found that the courses provide an exciting and rewarding way to explore a new language and culture while earning college credit.

Language Institute courses are taught in small groups, allowing for personal attention. Special immersion sessions in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian are designed to help you learn class materials, and provide an informal way to begin understanding a new language. The relaxed setting can help maintain your motivation and is well-suited for helping you make the adjustment to college-level language courses.

Enrollment Options

High school students who wish to enroll in one of our summer language courses can choose one of the following options:

  • To receive college credit, you can enroll in Language Institute courses for a grade (usually 4 credits for a single language course).
  • If you choose to take Language Institute courses purely as a way of exploring a new language in a college setting, and do NOT want to receive college credit, you can register for courses as an auditor.
  • You can enroll in courses as pass/fail.

Regular Penn State tuition applies to all summer language courses. For tuition information, visit the Penn State Tuition Schedule website.