Scholarship Opportunities for Summer Language Programs

We expect that scholarships will be available for a variety of languages for summer 2020.

Summer Language Institute Scholarships for Less Commonly Taught Languages

Cultural awareness and language proficiency are critical skills for the next generation of leaders in our globalized world. The CLA Language Scholarships support students who wish to achieve greater language proficiency in less commonly taught languages and cultural understanding in our changing world. Scholarships of variable amounts are available to support students enrolled in summer Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Portuguese, and Russian at the Summer Language Institute at Penn State University Park.

Who Is Eligible

  • Students (high school, undergraduate, and graduate students) planning to enroll in the Penn State Summer Language Institute for ARABIC, CHINESE, KOREAN, HINDI, PORTUGUESE, or RUSSIAN will have priority.
  • Preference may be given to students who don’t have access to instruction in these languages during the regular academic year (i.e., high school students, students from Penn State’s branch campuses). However, all carefully prepared applications will be considered for all levels of support.

Application Process

Application forms for the Summer Language Institute Scholarships are available. *Please note that if your enrollment in a Language Institute course is contingent upon receiving a scholarship, you should not enroll in the course until the scholarship decisions are made, due to the fact that scholarship decisions are not immediately made, and a 1.5% late fee is applied to any bill that is not paid by the deadline.

The application form should be submitted to the address on the form, together with:

  1. letter of recommendation from a school official (teacher, counselor, other school representative)
  2. copy of your recent transcripts (unofficial copies will suffice, though official transcripts may be requested later)
  3. personal statement describing your current career goals, reasons for studying the language of your interest, and your plans for further language study or travel abroad. The statement should be approximately two pages long (12 pt. font, double-spaced)
  4. High school students also need to include STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES.

STARTALK Arabic Academy Scholarships

The STARTALK Arabic Academy, funded by a federal grant, offers scholarships for qualified students taking introductory Arabic (ARABIC 001). These scholarships will be of particular interest to students who plan to study Arabic or Middle Eastern languages and cultures, or are interested in a career in government, law enforcement, or the military, among other fields. The STARTALK Arabic Academy is also a great opportunity for those who are simply interested in exploring the language and culture of some of the oldest and most important regions in the world.

STARTALK scholarships will cover up to 90% of tuition for the Academy (in-state tuition or the equivalent dollar amount toward out-of-state tuition), which is planned to run for four weeks on the University Park campus in State College, Pennsylvania, from June 17 to July 12, 2019. Typically, we award 20 scholarships.

Eligible students include high school students or students who are enrolled at a college or university. For information about these scholarships, please refer to the STARTALK Arabic Academy for Students page.

NOTE: The Adobe PDFs uploaded on this page have not been modified and are in the format as received. Please email if you need these documents in an alternate format.